Even though I’m yet in the process of building the very website you’re reading now (please excuse the annoying white space on the home page and picture of my kids – it’s a placeholder for now), I HAD to pop in here to write my first blog.  It’s not going to be fancy or anything. I just have to tell it!

Oh, and that blog wording on top of the cute graphic I created, get the behind!!!

Life is getting really interesting.  Just in the last two days, I have been invited to speak to a mid-size community group on how I discovered my passion of working with teen girls.  EEK!!! I have also been invited to present the very same teen empowerment program to one of my local middle schools where 850 students will ALL be exposed to my program!

Let me tell you.  It hasn’t been easy getting to this point.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even see this coming.  But I can tell you that when you walk in complete integrity while walking in your purpose, things will begin to happen for you.

How did I score this speaking gig without promoting myself AT ALL?

I simply shared my desire to walk in my passion with a close friend.  I took an online course called Fierce Clarity by Nicole Walters while vacationing in Mexico with my husband.  I took notes, and I did the work.  One of the assignments was to call a friend and share your story.  I did.  This same friend must have shared it with her mother who was moved and invited me to speak.


My other good news is that my teen empowerment program will be introduced to 850 kids! Half will be girls!  How? Word of mouth and putting on a great program and giving the girls and their families a great experience.  I haven’t officially recruited for my program in years.  I didn’t have the resources so I just relied on word of mouth.  I learned one of my members shared the program with her counselor/teacher who extended the invitation to me.  Encouraging the girls to become leaders in their school is trickling down to this program.

I’m so excited for this because my ultimate dream is to turn my monthly program into a 1-2 summer program for teen girls. I plan to test it out for a few days next summer.

Boy, there’s a lot of work to do!




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