I’m an experienced Stay-At-Home-Mom who survived the toughest years at home with two children who are 2 1/2 years apart and made it out in one piece with self fully in tact.  I didn’t have my mother, sisters, aunts, or cousins nearby to help me out.  I had to learn how to parent with minimal support while being married to a very busy  attorney.

But I did it effectively and I can certainly help you through this wonderful stage.  This stressful, yet rewarding stage for both you and your children..

Let’s have a conversation one morning/afternoon and learn the smart, effective way to be a SAHM or Dad without losing yourself while growing through the process without forgetting your talents, strengths, and passions while mixing a little “you time” in as well.

I’ll be sure to share my complete story of how and why I became a SAHM that rocks and how I arrived at this point! Let’s talk!

Kimberly L. Thomas
Stay-At-Home-Mom Strategist/Consultant
Email: KimberlyThomas316@gmail.com