I’m Kimberly L. Thomas, married, mother of two beautiful children.  I’ve always had the mind of an entrepreneur but could never really focus on just one thing and often felt scattered.  I later learned after taking an online course that I am super multi-passionate. I have a mom blog, a teen girls empowerment program, and teach others how to set up their very own empowerment program right in their neighborhood, school, religious institution, or online.

While I was in college working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, I dreamed of starting my very own youth program centering all of my class projects and papers on just that.  I couldn’t wait until I graduated so I could actually get started.  Back in 2000, I began a program that mentored pre-teen and teen girls talented in the performing arts molding them into young ladies.  I created workshops which included etiquette classes, self-esteem workshops, held fundraisers to award scholarships, and created college preparation courses. All of these were important activities for them to aide in their transition into young adults.

Today, I want to help YOU give back to your community showing you which systems to set up and how to do them effectively.

If you found my website, I know you’re interested in learning how to start your very own program.  I created an easy online course complete with a free worksheet/checklist to help keep you on task. If you’re not ready to purchase the online course, you can purchase the workshop/checklist here.

Are you ready?  Let’s get to work!




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