This downloadable SAHM “Sanity” Checklist will help you get through your day as a stay-at-home-mom or dad without going insane.  I’ve been where you are and not once have I ever been bored as a SAHM.  I’m sharing with you everything I did when my kids were little guys.

Learn how to stay empowered, connected and moving with these 10 action items to put a boost in your day or week.  After implementing these steps, you should never again wake up asking yourself, what should I do today?

SAHM Boredom Tips


Fill your entire month with fun and exciting activities designed to help you, the parent, remain in touch with yourself while home with the baby.  Of course there are activities on the calendar for both you and baby to enjoy while enjoying the best time of you and baby’s personal growth.

These are all proven ways to keep SAHM boredom and loneliness away.  I’ve been in your shoes so I know how boredom and uncertainty can creep in out of nowhere.  Let’s get through this together.