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  • There’s nothing for the kids to do in your neighborhood
  • There aren’t quality after school program for the kids?
  • Teenagers are hanging out in the streets when they could have a safe place to socialize
  • Young mothers need support and parenting skills before and after giving birth
  • College bound students need help searching for scholarship opportunities and assistance with the college application process
  • Newly divorced adults need help transitioning from married life to single life
  • Low income residents need help creating financial plans for the future, becoming debt free, and more
  • Senior citizens who want to lead active lives need someone to help with social, travel, computer skills

What skills do you have to share with others to help them?

How to Create an Empowerment Program is a simple step-by-step program which takes you through the process of creating that empowerment program or business you’ve been talking about starting for a long time, but didn’t know where to start.

Whether it’s starting an after school program for kids, a community choir group for teens, or a support group for men or women transitioning into parenthood, divorce, society, or out of incarceration, this course will help you. It can also be used to help start that small exercise, makeup, travel, or cooking business you know you need to create instead of sitting back and saying, “Oh, I wish there was a program for this!”

All seven, easy-to-follow modules will be sent to you via email over the course of 7 – 10 days taking you through each step and workbook at a comfortable pace. Can’t keep up? That’s okay. Read and complete the modules on your own time.

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This course is for people who want to make and see change in the lives of others.

It’s for people who want to share their talents, knowledge, and expertise with the world.

It’s for those who want to make a difference in their communities one person, group, city, etc. at a time.

It’s for those who simply want to make a difference and live their purpose in life.


This course is designed to help you create/improve and increase your online presence using these tips, tools, and strategies to create a solid empowerment program for your target audience. If you’re unsure who to target, the Purposeful Impact Guide can help you.

By the end of this course, you will have created an amazing empowerment program which compliments your talents, skills, and passions for those who need you the most all while filling a need for others.


  1. Who are you going to serve?
  2. Create a Mission Statement
  3. Getting your business in order
  4. Create your Board of Directors
  5. Location and frequency of meetings
  6. How to recruit prospective members
  7. Promoting your business with these tools and tips


The course is immediately delivered to you and can be completed at your own pace. Each lesson will include verbal and visual lesson via video accompanied by an activity in the workbook. (Written lessons available upon request)

After each lesson, students are invited to ask/leave questions in the comment box to be answered by the creator or others taking the course.

While this may look like a quick course, remember to factor in the time you need to think, research, fill out the workbook, complete the assignment, and comment/participate in the discussion.


Length of Course:


In This Tutorial

Module 1: Who Are You Going to Serve?

Module 2: Write Your Mission Statement

Module 3: Getting Your Business in Order

Module 4: Create Your Board

Module 5: Location & Frequency of Meetings

Module 6: How to Find Prospective Members

Module 7: Promotion Options: Online Presence

Wrap Up & Bonus

In addition to the course, each student will receive a downloadable workbook, and online support during the course.

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